Yesterday's shirt: Cup o' Morning Joe

Clearly I needed the coffee from yesterday's shirt to get me going. Yesterday was a rough day, most of it spent thinking, "uhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn," and some of it spent thinking "uuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhh." Surely, you've had those kinds of days, too, right?



Given that the Giants won the World Series and the site the shirts is on is GroundR, which is an early 2000s version of "grounder," a baseball term, I keep thinking I really need to do a baseball-themed shirt. I'm a design behind, and would like to catch up. If only Matthew hadn't inspired my next shirt already. Hoping the migraine that is clearly on its way holds off just a little longer for me to get that design out...


Matthew and Claire helped me with this one. Though I have a folder full of ideas, I was uninspired by all of them. Friends to the rescue!

All caught up and back on track for the design a day!



 Forest for the Trees

Yeah, if nothing else, and no commentary on life, at least I'm putting up t-shirt designs, go me. Which is to say, yesterday was one of my roughest days recently. There's only so long you can choose to push off some pains before they overwhelm you. And when that happens, sometimes, just sometimes, the only way through is via a long walk in the woods.

This shirt is available on GroundR in both black and white, men's and women's sizes. Go me.



 Let them eat cake!


I crack me up.


When we were in Australia at Worlds back in 2006, at a restaurant, I was absent mindedly reading the menu as our waiter was standing near us. I pronounced beer as "beee-yah" without realizing it. The waiter noticed it, however, and just walked away. Another waiter ended up serving us. I'm fairly sure I picked up that pronunciation from the Fosters commercials ("Australian for Beer").

Unsurprisingly, I named the beer t-shirt "Beeyah"


Yay! My design streak is alive!

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