How many?

Me:  "You know, I know our houses are exactly the same size.

From the garage:

Kris: How many?


Me:  What did you think I said?

Kris: I didn't hear what you said.

Me:  Then why did you ask, how many?


Kris: It sounds better than," (in his best granny voice) "What?!? Wha? What?!"

 Magazine a day: day 1

I have a lot of magazines lying around. They've been piling up, to the point where I'm almost overwhelmed with them. When I get busy, the first thing to go is television, the second is magazines. And they pile up.

So, I've decided to read magazine a day until I've caught up.

Here's the first one.

The April issue of Self magazine.

Now, some magazines have content online, as well as archives. Others will have content for a while after publication, moving it to a subscriber-only archive after some date. And then there are some that have only the table of contents online.

Self is one of the latter ones. It has just the table of contents online, which sucks if, even as a subscriber, you're trying to reference something online.

I'll have to figure out how to get the content I want to save in some digital format. Scanning isn't the best option, but not terribly search-friendly.

 Sometimes you have to share

Sometimes you take a picture that is so bad you just can't delete it.

I've taken many of me, that's for sure. I average one good picture out of seven of me, with 2 really bad ones in that 7. The others are just eh.

But this one. This one! Oh, this one is one of the funniest I've seen in a long time. It's just too bad to delete!

So, I had to share.

Normally, Bella takes good photos.

No, really.

 She's alive! Alive!

I have a friend who is currently suffering with a severe case of depression. His issues are family-related, but the effects of his depression are no less severe for knowing the cause. I've asked him to let me know if there's anything I can do to help. He hasn't asked. I don't know what else I can do for him at this point. I hope he reaches out.

I, too, have been feeling blue for the last week, but not as bad as my friend. The easiest analogy is I feel as if I've been standing on the end of a deep, dark abyss, looking down. The wind is blowing my hair all around; the sky is a stormy grey. Every once in a while, I notice the ground is unstable, and gives way a bit. I turn back away from the abyss, clawing my way back up, stopping my downward descent into the abyss.

When depressed, the best thing to do is exercise. Other than drugs, it's often the only positive action to take. It's also very hard to do. Not because exercise is hard to do, per se, but because when blue, any action is freaking hard to do.

Fortunately, I'm incredibly lucky with my circle of friends.

Kris is my rock. He's the stable part of my chaotic life.

Working with Mike keeps me constantly focused on what needs to be done. He keeps me on track and moving forward.

We've recently employed Chris Doyle, who is working on features for me while he learns PHP. Since he started working with us daily, at the end of the day, we've headed out to throw. We've been doing 100 throws a day, plus a few. A year ago, throwing nearly daily with Ariel Garza seriously helped my throwing skills and, more importantly, my confidence in my throws. With Chris' enthusiasm ("Wanna throw? Wanna throw?"), my throws will be rocking!

I finally went back to ASA to workout. Exercise: the great blues buster! My plan was only an upper body workout, which is a good thing, because I spent two and a half hours there. The great thing is that I finally caught up again with Geno, who Kris and I haven't seen in nearly two months. Ugh. Too long!

The workout was great! Feels so good to be moving again.

Time to climb away from that abyss.

 Through the microscope

On our walk with the dogs tonight:

Me:   "The moon looks like a full moon tonight."

Kris: "Yeah, it would look great through a microscope."

Me:   "Really?"

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