Switched to Mollom

Okay, I've finally switched the spam control on the site from Akismet to Mollom. I've been annoyed at the fact that posted comments are ALWAYS put into the Akismet pending queue, even though the number of spam comments has been incredibly low (count 'em, two hands).

Since people I don't know (hi, everyone!) are posting comments, I'd hate for the process to be frustrating for them.

So, switched.

Maybe Mom will start posting comments more.


 First day!

Today's my first day working at Doyle's company. Warren suggested last night that the org chart for the company be rewritten so that Doyle is my direct boss. Although the concept is quite humourous, I prefer Doyle's suggestion of "put all the Drupal developers in one department, THEN put me over you."

Doyle suggested we carpool to his work this morning. Since I wasn't sure what the various parking protocols were, what the office hours were, and how I was going to get into the building to work, I enthusiatically said yes.

Starting at a new company always has issues, whether it's for a new full-time job or for a new contracting position. Today was no expection to that "issues" rule. However, having someone who I could talk to, and ask what was up, having Doyle just right there, oh, my, made starting the new job so much easier than I was expecting.

On the way home, Doyle asked me, "So, how was your first day?"

It was good, so I told him so. I also told him how much I LOVED that I could just turn to someone and start asking technical questions, and he immediately knew not only what I was talking about, but could converse with me intelligently about the task at hand, and offer suggestions.

He turned to me and exclaimed, "I KNOW!" It took me a few moments to realize that he, too, was missing having someone with the same expertise and experience as he had.

I smiled. I hadn't realized just how much I had missed working with Doyle.

 Drupal SF meetup

I went up to the City tonight for the San Francisco Drupal meetup. Hannah and I took the train up together, with my taking a taxi to the meetup location.

There were about 15 people at the meetup, ranging in experience from previous release co-maintainer (Neil Drumm, who, honestly, is fabulous, we lurves him) to just installed it and tried it once. Also known as the range of Drupal user ID from 5088 to over 200000+. Most of the people at the meetup were developers instead of just users, which made me happy.

The presentation was for the patterns module, made by Chris Bryant. The module and surrounding infrastructure address the site setup problem where profiles fal short (in particular, with module add-ons and configurations). One of the surprising features of the module is that, even though it automates a lot of site setup, it does so through form submissions instead of accessing the database directly.

I wish I could say that I was the dynamic, outgoing person I want to be in these situations, but I wasn't. I wasn't uncomfortable, per se, but I was definitely with a group of people I didn't know. I ended up leaving soon after the presentation, and walked back to the train station. It wasn't nearly as far as I thought it was.

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