5BGU pairs up with the 5BGT plates

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It started with Brooke's 5BGU. Now I see them almost as much as I see the 5BGT. I think they're related.

5BGU030 on Bernardo, near El Camino Real. Seen on 11/21.

And another one! 5BGU323 near El Camino Real and Sylvan. Seen on 11/22.

On the 101 heading north from the airport on the way home, a white Volvo with plate 5BGU325.

But I know who's that one is.

Heading west on Mathilda, stopped at the light at El Camino. At lunch on Tuesday.

On 280 heading south, just after 85 South merge, on the way to MPUL

Also last week, on my way to install a server. 5BGU039, a black van, somewhere between Sunnyvale and Fremont.

Heading north on lunch, just past the 880 entrance onto 280.

A few days ago.

I saw one or two yesterday, still need to find my notes on those. However, saw both 5BGU588 and 5BGU081 at lunch today. The first was at the Border's parking lot: a brown Toyota. The second was turning left from El Camino onto Mary and was a red/maroon car.


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