Who gets up at 6:30 am?


Who gets up at 6:30 am? On the East Coast? When she was on the West Coast less than 24 hours ago? Ugh.

Heading off to the fields early to help Sandie do some last minute setup (the No Parking signs needs to go up before anyone gets there and parks in the wrong place). I'm surprised at the number of people up already, though. S, the tournament TD is up ("The sun's not up yet!"). The head coordinator is up and already eating breakfast, as were a couple other players, it looks like. Crazy people.

Scobel and I talked this morning, getting a feel for each others' history. She's excited to be here, as Ben (her son) is playing at the tournament. She woke up at 3:00 am yesterday morning in an attempt to acclimate a bit to the time change (coming from Oregon). I made a face, but then she pointed out that it's the same as now anyway, and it's that early today.

Another "Ugh."

So, the advice I've heard about the tournament so far is:

  • Bring a hat, with a brim. The sun'll be brutal. Kate
  • Buy the VC Ultimate stuff early. Elizabeth
    Apparently that's where the good stuff is, and it sells out quickly, so no debating, just buy.

Let's see what I can get Kris from the tournament.

Hmph. It's 7:03 am. I was told to be here in the lobby at 6:54.75 am. I'm here. I was here at 6:51 (surprise! I was early!). No one yet. I wonder if I'm in the right place.

On the road to Nationals


Today was a travel day for the trip to Florida to participate in the UPA Club Nationals. Participation here is defined as help with the scores, and update the website. Not quite the participation I would have liked, but, well, it'll be a good start.

Rather than have poor Kris get up at obnoxious-early-o-clock to take me to SFO to fly to Tampa, I stayed with Greg Wolff and his girlfriend Sunita (the amazing, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, worldly, every-woman-would-love-to-be-her Sunita). They also had a 6:30 am flight, but because they were significantly closer to the airport, and going there anyway, I went with them. It worked out well. We all flew out of SFO, they on United, I on American with Elizabeth Murray (also of SFUL fame).

Cece, who is on Red Fish, Blue Fish with Greg and Sunita, was also on the flights Elizabeth and I were on. Cece cracks me up. I like her a lot. Elizabeth and I spent time waiting at various points with Cece. She's good company.

We arrived pretty much without incident. Waited at various points for flights and other persons driving cars. At the airport, I ran into Wade and Tyler (Kaos), Dea (Fury, and hence Heidi Binder, who remembered me from El Norte, and Sam, who is engaged to Mike Payne (Jam), who I worked with on the UPA site for voting and mail blast). I also met Erik, Vic and Jeff, who are a few of the players who will be observing at the tournament.

At the hotel, I ran into Kelly Johnson (of all people!). Her team missed Nationals by 2 points. She's here to cheer on Mark, as near as I can tell. Ran into Patrick Hard, who introduced me to Nate (who I've heard about on Brass Monkey, but apparently had confused with someone else). Also met up with Will, Sandy and Michael from the UPA (but of course!). I'll be rooming with Scobel Wiggins who takes some of the most amazing ultimate photography. I'm looking forward to meeting her.

Site updated, ready to go public


Finally managed to update the site to Drupal 4.5 and install a node based permissions module that I've been waiting for since Drupal 4.1 when I started this site.

As a result, I can take this site live. Instead of having it hidden behind an unpublished (but public) URL, I can transfer the site to kitthodsden.org, where it truly belongs.

I think I'll also set up hodsden.org itself to be something similar to www.zawodny.com, where Jeremy lists sites of people who share his last name, whether he knows them or is related to them or not. There aren't that many Hodsdens, and it's not difficult to set up the DNS for them.

The trick, of course, is going to be stopping search engines or crawlers from hitting sites I don't want to be crawled, such as Sam's and Jackson's sites.

I would suck at Fear Factor


I would so suck at Fear Factor.

This evening, when changing loads of laundry, I looked into the empty washing machine bin, as I am wont to do, and noticed a small black object at the bottom of the tub. Since the light is broken in the garage (yeah, yeah, just added it to my list of things to do), I couldn't see it clearly, and reached down to pick it up. As I was reaching, my though was, "This is either a piece of wood from the garden mulch, or a bug."

It was a beetle / june bug / thingy from the garden that's really gross.

I screeched and threw it aside (to a known spot so that I could actually throw the thing away later). Kris concernedly called out, "Are you okay?!" over my screeching. Yes, yes.

I just picked up a bug with my own hands.

A very, very clean bug. Ick.

Back in the saddle again.


Funny how life works out sometimes.

Last year, I stepped down from running SBUL, the South Bay Ultimate League, in order to start MPUL. I had hoped for (and thankfully received) higher level play with MPUL. Similar to the way SFUC is the higher level, experienced league of the City, and SFUL is the beginner friendly, less agro league, I wanted MPUL to be higher level play to SBUL's beginner friendly atmosphere.

And it was spectacularly.

Tragically, I didn't get fields for this year, and MPUL may take a hiatus for the season. If I do get fields, the motto of the season will be, "No shirts, no disc, lots of service.".

But I digress.

SBUL was supposed to be run by Troy Wu this year. For some reason, it didn't happen. Instead of fields on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as in past years, Troy requested (and I didn't notice on the application, so I, too am at fault here) Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which SBUL received. Ooops.

And then he disappeared.

As near as I can tell, he talked to Lou. He talked to Mike Kenny. He talked a lot to Nell. But then he just disappeared. When push came to shove, the league didn't get started and Nell called Bharat in a panic asking for help. Bharat called me and dumped the task on me. So, here I am, back getting SBUL going again. Not where I wanted to be. Not at all. Lost a day dealing with SBUL last night and all of today.

I went down to San Jose Parks and Recreation, Fields Reservations today to pay for the fields. They are twice as expensive as last year, due to budget cuts and a city/state mandate for all programs to fully pay for themselves. Hal Spangenberg is pretty cool. Especially for someone that I'm sure gets a lot of crap dumped on him everyday.

So, SBUL will happen this year at least. That's one league. Now to get the other one going.

Cookie Time


Kris is hosting FICA, a traditional Swedish Friday afternoon happy hour (or something like that) at Oracle tomorrow afternoon. Since he's hosting, we're making cookies for the crew.

Kris and I don't typically do a lot of cooking together, so this has been an adventure. We started off by baking chocolate chip cookies straight from the Nestle Toll House tube. Terribly entertaining.

Tonight is blueberry sugar cookies.

Maybe I'll try risotto tomorrow.