Dancing lights


It's 4:45 in the morning. I've been up all night trying to launch the new UPA website. I'm tired. I know I'm tired. I'm actually quite close to exhaustion. But I need to get (most) of this done. I'm finishing up the last details on the site, and writing the basic documentation for using the site.

A few minutes ago, a dancing light played in my vision. It was, um, interesting. It was a bright, bright pinpoint light that displayed at top middle of my vision. When I looked up, expecting to see a dust particle, it moved. So, I followed it, as it danced in my vision. It lasted all of maybe two seconds, but it was amazing to watch. Very, very bright, and small.

I hope it's not a migraine signal. Could be. Though, the count is currently 6-4, as of yesterday (okay, okay, maybe 6-4.5).

Is this 5, or 4?


Sho' 'nuff, it's a doozie. This one has zapped my motivation and added large amounts of pain to my day. Officially, this is number five for the year, but number 4 wasn't a real one. It was over before I knew it started, and there was no pain involved.

As of this point, I'm going to call that half one merely break-through bleeding and be done with this half thing. I declare the count to officially be 6 to 4.

I'll take a half rack, please


The current rib diagnosis is that there is no break, but possible fracture in the last floating rib, and a definite ligament strain with the last fixed rib.

I'm not completely convinced of this, as several ribs have large calcium deposits on the sides. At least four of them have large, hard lumps on the side. The lumps are all along the side, nominally in a vertical line.

So, maybe a few more are injured than we thought.

Running again!


I'm so thrilled! I went for a run today. The first real run in over two weeks. And my ribs didn't hurt. Joy of joys! I can run.

I liken this wonderful experience to the "you don't know what you have until you've lost it" syndrome. Running hurt, so I didn't run. I couldn't run, so I became grumpy from lack of exercise. (yes, yes, you're thinking, but you could have walked or rode a bike, and yes, I could have. But neither is my exercise of choice, and so I chose not to exercise.)

Of course, number 5 of the year is raging close, so the run wasn't as long or pain-free as I would have liked, but at least it was a run. Joy!

One of THEM.


I became one of them today, without trying much. I became one of those women walking along the street towing dog with one arm and kid with the other. The type of women that single women give the wide berth, new mothers smile at in comradery and mothers with older kids gaze adoringly at the young child with you.

And all I had to do was take Liza for a walk around the block to receive all this attention.

Mike needed someone to distract Liza and Rozzi while his old house was being shown to prospective renters. Since Kate is out of town, he asked if I could take Liza for a walk. Sure thing. Especially since Liza smiled so brightly at me yesterday!

We definitely had issues at one point. We had stopped at the Buffington House, a historical landmark showing the type of houses that lined Lincoln before the shopping district took over. Liza was playing in the grass, when a creepy fellow came up and started talking to me, asking me what the house was and why it was there. I say creepy, and I mean creepy. He kept eying Liza, and had actually circled back around to talk to us, after passing us a while before. I was a bit nervous, but ready to beat the crap out of him if he so much as took a step towards Liza.

At one point, Liza decided to lie down and drink the milkshake we were sharing. Being used to her sippy cups, she didn't realize what would happen, and spilled most of the remaining shake down her front. I cleaned it up quickly, but was unable to suppress my humour. Poor Liza held her shirt up for half the way back home, to keep the chocolate off her tummy. It was cute.

How many ways can I hate you?


How many ways can I hate the current medical system? Here's the conversation I had yesterday, trying to get the results from tests I had done last week. Doctor's office = DO. I spoke to Debbie yesterday.

Me: Hi, I'm calling about the results for tests I had done 
    last week.  I'm wondering how they turned out.

DO: Your doctor will mail you the results of your tests.  
    If there are any abnormal results, he'll call you.

Me: My doctor is out of town until the end of the week.  Can
    you just tell me if the results are positive or negative?

DO: No, I can't do that.  The results will be mailed out.

Me: Look, the tests were checking for intestinal parasites.  
    I have a referral to another doctor if the test is 
    positive.  Can you just tell me that?

DO: Oh, okay.  What's your chart number?

Me: It's [chart number]

DO: The results aren't back yet.  They were sent out on the
    first of September.  Can you call back tomorrow?

Me: Sent out?  Good to know.  I'll call back tomorrow.  

Well, here it is tomorrow, so I call again. This time, Cynthia answers the phone.

Me: Hi, I'm calling to see if my test results are in.  I was
    told yesterday that the results can't be given out over 
    the phone, but I just need a positive or a negative result.

DO: I can't do that.  I can leave a message for your doctor to
    give you a call back.

Me: My doctor is out of town until the end of the week, so 
    that won't work.  Can you see if the results are in?

DO: No, I can leave a message for the on-call doctor.

Me: To see if the results were back?  Can't you just look it 

DO: I don't have access to the records.

Me: Okay, can you transfer me to someone in the lab who does?

DO: The lab is closed from 1 to 2 for lunch break.  I can have 
    the on-call doctor call you back.
I hung up. I'll call back after 2:30. Maybe someone else will be able to help.