050418 - WotD: erudition

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How long until I automate even the looking up of my words? Type in a word, the page generates itself and displays on the site.

From a Slate article about the decline of Trivial Pursuit, subtitled, "What classic board game, created in 1979, is on the decline?"

    Those who revere Trivial Pursuit for its wit and erudition may be heartbroken to learn that it was created by Canadian hockey fans.

From the Merriam Webster online dictionary:

    : extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books : profound, recondite, or bookish learning

Which actually led to the look up of recondite, which I don't know either, but I'm guessing something about large amounts of learning from books...


    difficult or impossible for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend or of, relating to, or dealing with something little known or obscure

I might want to put that one on its own page.