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Original message, sent out 8 July 2006 to Mischief list.

Hi, all,

Kris and I are hosting a team Toil of Tears Worlds fundraising event next
weekend.  We'll be paying $25/hour for each person working at Krikitt Wol.
Any teammate can designate his/her earnings for a personal fund or into a
general team fund.  Any non-teammate that works earns money into the team
fund (so, friends welcome!).

Please note: Brynne's mother needs help moving on Saturday, and may be
sponsoring the move as a team fundraiser on Saturday, also.

We'll serve breakfast at 8:00 am on Saturday, and start work at 9:00 am.
We'll stop at 6:00 and order pizza.  Depending on how work progresses on
Saturday, Sunday breakfast is tentatively scheduled to start at 9:00 am,
with work starting at 10, but ending an hour before practice.  Expect
lunch and Slurpees midday.

Tasks for this fundraising event include:

Replace fencing at front of house
Add new fence to side garden in the back
Build arbor in front yard
Move furniture from bedroom, kitchen
Remove wallpaper from kitchen, bedroom
Paint ceilings: hallway, bedroom, kitchen
Paint hallway
Paint bedroom
Paint kitchen
Paint kitchen cabinets
Paint woodwork trim
Paint garage door
Pull up bedroom carpeting
Run green yard waste through chipper/shredder (it's big: 10HP)
Remove jasmine in front yard
Plant plants
Build short dry field stone wall in parkway
Take concrete to city dump
Till/level back yard
Move dirt from driveway to various yards (side, back, front)
Trim citrus trees, branches through the chipper/shredder
Clean up lava rocks in front yard
Clean out garage

Our neighbor also has a few tasks, if people are willing to move four
doors down and continue work.  

Some of these tasks I have zero experience in (the fence and arbor
building in particular).  As such, I can't lead in those projects.
If no one has experience building fences or arbors and can lead,
those projects may not be done.

We'll provide all the supplies (paint, brushes, plants, etc.).  If
someone with fence building experience can help me purchase supplies
for the fences and arbor, I'd greatly appreciate the help.