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Inspired by iWalt.com!


About 3 weeks ago, Megan Smith showed me iWalt.com. The site is the website of an old classmate of Megan's (I don't recall if it was high school or college), and, damn it, I'm impressed. I love the site, I love the idea. "I want, I want! I want one, too!" I think.

Well, I'm a programmer. I build websites. And now I'm inspired, too! And here we go.

Although I find the name iWalt clever, iKitt doesn't work too well. And most people won't be able to spell iHodsden. I'll have to figure something out. Much like iWalt, I'll do forums, code, blogs, photos, links, history, trivia and all the other stuff for my friends and family. I am so inspired!