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Location affecting health


I find it quite interesting that my health can be adversely affected by the location of a bathroom.

VA recently moved from building 1 at 47071 Bayside Parkway to building 2 at 46939 Bayside Parkway. In the old building, the bathrooms were all of maybe 15 yards away from my desk. No problem to go to the bathroom.

In the new building, however, the bathrooms are easily 40 yards away. Not that much farther, but definitely a hike to get to the restroom. Couple that with the maze one has to go through to get to the front bathroom door, and it's a pain to go to the bathroom.

So, how does this affect my health?

Before the move, I would drink 2-3 bottles of water a day, about 6 cups or so. After the move, I've been drinking maybe one bottle. I can't stand walking all the way to the bathroom with a full bladder.

Heh. ALL the way to the bathroom. Like it's truly that far away. I'll just have to work on drinking more.