Fish women and Heroine scrimmage


The RFBF women joined with friends and scrimmaged Heroine this morning. I joined the Fish women, making 8 women: Kate Bergeron, Merritt, Sunita, Rebecca (and Guinness!), Ashley, Su Wu, Brynne and me.

Kate and I carpooled together. We arrived at 9:20 or so as the first two Fish women. Eventually, the other six women arrived, and we started playing at 9:50 or so.

We played three games to 7. We won all the games: 7-3, 7-5, and 3-0. I would like to say we won because Heroine was working on a new offense, and wasn't very strong offensively. However, saying that would lessen the great playing, hot defense and strong offense we had today. We did well, with fewer subs no less.

Kris has told me in the past that I'm a stronger defensive player than I am an offensive player. Given that I dropped three catches, threw away two throws, and had over a half dozen blocks today, I think I have to agree with him. Pretty much the only time my woman caught the disc was when I gave up and didn't cover her.

Kate is really great at encouraging other players. As a deep-deep, she was able to direct me as short-deep very well. When I was running down a disc, or going for a D, she was very encouraging. I like having her voice as my positive mental chatter.

The only downside was that, tragically, the Neutrogena sunblock stick I used didn't do the job. I have a nice tan now on my face. Damn it.