Session 2 of ASA's May MVP class, or how Kris got his ass kicked.


I started month 2 of All-Star Academy of Baseball MVP class. I skipped the Sunday workout to play ultimate and check out how well I can play without being exhausted from a previous workout. It was great, but I missed having the workout. Can I get addicted to difficult workouts?

This was Kris' first workout.

We started the workout with ladders. LR-RL-LR-LR (which is becoming my favorite); outside-inside; L-outside-L-outside; R-outside-R-outside; L-outside-R-outside-together-outside; rip R-rip L; fast feet: inside, outside R, inside, outside L; and scissors (R first, then L first).

Shuttle sprints came next. We were working on arm speed, pumping the arms fast when changing direction. The transitions were 3 yards apart: forward 3 yards, run backward to the starting point, forward 6 yards, backward 6 yards, etc. We did four shuttles. I really really wanted to beat Kris on the third one. My legs were tired, and I thought it was our last one, so I went all out. Tragically, I was worried about the box along the wall behind me and on the last backward run, I turned to spot the box, lost my balance and landed smack on my ass (landed on my right hamstring). I was embarrassed, but, damn, it was funny! I was so close to beating Kris!

The next workout was tight figure 8s around two sets of four cones set in square patterns. The trick was to pump arms really fast. I did okay. Kris did really well. I fell like a dork, but Kris said I was probably faster than Ryan.

The dynamics of the class really change with three people in the class. We have longer rest periods, and pair up different. G spends less time with me, which, eh, I don't know, is slightly disappointment.

Next we did box-side-to-side steps (left foot on box with right foot on floor, hop to switch right foot on box with left foot on floor). 3 sets of 10 (both feet to a set) as fast as possible, followed by 10 tossing back a ball. When the other two people were working out, we did 10 squat jumps (with pointed toes). I think Kris did 20.

Next we did toe taps. 3 sets of 30 seconds each. I was slow, slow, slow for the first two sets (counted only 62 on the second set), but recovered and did 72 for the third set.

Jump ropes came next. 3 sets of 30 seconds. G was incredibly impressed by Kris. So much so, that he was distracted and Ryan and I got off half-ass. I couldn't get going on the third set. I did maybe 30 jumps on the third set.

Finished up with an easy set of abs. Bicycle, russian crunches, ball toss (6# is really heavy), side-to-side with 4# weight (too light), push downs (Kris did my pushdowns and did a poor job) and throw downs (Kris did mine and did okay, G did Kris and totally crushed him).

We talked about workouts afterward. Doing abs two days in a row isn't good, according to G. Upper body workouts are good every other day, though.

Friday's workout is 3 x 30 yards, 3 x 60 yards, 3 x 90 yards. Kris and I chuckled when we heard it. We'll be doing an upper body workout, too. I'm looking forward to the traverse!