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Last day at VA.


Today was my last day at VA. Part of me is incredibly sad. Everytime I think about the VA crowd, and that I won't be seeing them just about every day, I become saddened.

The group of people at VA is an incredible group of people. They are intelligent, entertaining, honest, delightful people who are a joy to be with.

One of the amazing qualities of the group is the complete lack of politics within the group. I've never experienced such openness and honesty in a work environment before. One example is, when we were nearing the end of a cycle, when one person finished his tasks, he immediately checked in on the rest of the group, and took tasks from the most heavily burdened coworker. There was never any "us vs. them", or "what can I get away with?", it was always, "Let's get this task done as well as we can, as quickly as we can."

I'm going to miss the Engineering group a lot.

But, it was time to move on.