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New food philosophy


Kris and I buy a lot of food that we don't eat. It could be I buy more of that food than Kris. Suffice it to say, too much food is thrown out in this house.

Since we just returned home from our honeymoon, and cleaned out our fridge when we arrived, now is a good time to start a new food philosophy. Let's try this:

  • All food gets eaten.

I'm pretty sure we won't be able to eat all the food before it spoils, but this translates into several specific actions that we can do to minimize the amount of food we throw out. These are:

  • Eat leftovers as quickly as possible.
  • Purchase food that will be consumed in the next few days.
    This means more trips to the grocery store, but I don't believe is is problematic at the moment.
  • Plan meals weekly, to minimize overbuying of food.
  • Eat in more frequently.
    We were fixing less than I'd guess 2 of our non-cereal, non-breakfast meals a week. We can do much better than that, using meals out as special occasions instead of the norm.

We could also try things like buy a freezer for storing foods. For now, we'll try the action items listed above and see how well we do.