Last ASA MVP class in August


Wow. The last ASA MVP class in August for us was by far the worst one for me. Aside from the lack of fitness level (haven't exercised since last Thursday, and even that was a short practice), I had chest pains (sharp, just to the left of my sternum) and I fell onto one of the jump boxes, banging my left shin pretty hard. Oh joy.

Before class, Gino recommended some rotator cuff / shoulder work for me. With 3# weights, one in each hand, do set of

  • shoulder raises to the side
  • shoulder raises directly in front
  • raises directly backward
  • raises backward with weights touching at the highest point I can reach behind me
  • front raises with twisting arms (at the highest point, my hands should be positions as if I were pouring from a glass)
  • lying on my side, bent arm raises

I need to start doing these consistantly. I'm considering running over to ASA on a daily basis and working out. They're close. The gym is well stocked (if a little old). And, it'll be a good 20 minute run each way (albeit along and over some crappy roads (El Camino and 85)).

And so we begin.


9 station circuit

leg press
leg extension
hamstring curl
sumo squats
squat jumps
weighted lunge walks (down and back)
box jump (2 feet, R, L)
transitional box jumping
low box tranisitions


We erroneously thought we were done at this point, except for abs. Nope.

Medicine ball work.


We thought were were done again. Nope.

Forearm work.