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Dancing lights


It's 4:45 in the morning. I've been up all night trying to launch the new UPA website. I'm tired. I know I'm tired. I'm actually quite close to exhaustion. But I need to get (most) of this done. I'm finishing up the last details on the site, and writing the basic documentation for using the site.

A few minutes ago, a dancing light played in my vision. It was, um, interesting. It was a bright, bright pinpoint light that displayed at top middle of my vision. When I looked up, expecting to see a dust particle, it moved. So, I followed it, as it danced in my vision. It lasted all of maybe two seconds, but it was amazing to watch. Very, very bright, and small.

I hope it's not a migraine signal. Could be. Though, the count is currently 6-4, as of yesterday (okay, okay, maybe 6-4.5).