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God f*$%ing d@^%it! AKA Number 11.


What the hell is going on here?

Okay, so I had food poisoning on Monday, the 11th, and slept from about 5:30 Monday evening until 8:30 Tuesday morning, but with a fever of 101° (my usual temperature is 97.6°) that seemed prudent. The fever broke at 1:30 or so, with the help of a couple tylenol. The cause was probably the airport chicken caesar salad.

Before that, however, I had been very, very careful to get enough sleep, but not too much. Sure I exercised hard, but slept well. And I ate very carefully. And as much as I could stomach during the tournament, which I almost rarely do. What is going on? I shouldn't be having a migraine when I'm taking care of myself.

Possible causes:

  • Monitors: I started using a CRT monitor again.
  • Poor posture: my posture at my desk is awful
  • Lack of Magnesium: I stopped taking the supplement before the tournament because of the adverse effect is has on my bowel movements (and anyone elses: think Milk of Magnesium)
  • Too much sleep: from the food poisoning
  • Lack of blood thinners: I had stopped taking them in Utah and hadn't resumed
  • Accidental ingestion of aspartame: I don't know where this would have come from, but I could have ingested some at some point over the last two days

At least it was a mild one. Two Tylenol plus a good night's sleep and I have only a lingering headache? I'll take it.