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Back to the Real World


And today, we're officially back to the Real World, away from the ultimate community. The RW is a strange place to be after 5 days in the UC. I guess the biggest differences are the sense of fairness and the ability to undo.

Think about it: in ultimate, there's the spirit of the game. SOTG (nearly) guarantees respect between individuals. So often in life, that respect is lacking (just drive to the grocery store and count the number of times you have to drive 1/2 the speed limit, get cut off in traffic, have people cut in front of you in line or something similar).

And, if you disagree, you can redo the whole thing! Send the disc back. What a deal. You can agree to disagree. In the RW, it doesn't work that way. In the RW, everyone still disagrees and gets pissy at each other. Bah.

Anyway, Real World. Work. Stuff to do. Life goes on.