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I'm in trouble


I told G about the World Games, and about the tryout camps. I gave him a probable tryout date, and asked him to help me train. His eyes got real big when I was explaining everything. He then asked me what I am willing to sacrifice to improve my chances of making the team, how long was I able and willing to train a day to be in good shape for the tryouts.

When I told him 4-6 hours would be my maximum, he nodded and said he was willing to help. We then spent the hour planning out my training schedule. I have to say that, yes, I'm in trouble. Starting tomorrow, I'll be working out about 2 hours a day for the next week, building that up to 4 by mid-December. I may hit 6 at the beginning of January.

Not like I'm already overworked. Something's going to give.