So much for that idea

All the applicants received this email yesterday from the UPA:
Date:     Mon, 20 Dec 2004 09:04:41 -0700
From:  	  Sandie Hammerly 
To:  	  World Game Applicants
Subject:  World Games Selection process


Thank you so much for submitting an application for consideration for
selection to the 2005 US World Games team. From the applications
submitted, we are confident that the Selection Committee will be able to
develop an outstanding squad to train and compete in Duisburg in 2005.

As you may know, the 2001 team strongly recommended that a coach was
needed to increase the chances for success of the US squad - and the UPA
has responded to this request and selected Ted Munter from the pool of
coaching applicants. For more information on Ted, please visit the web

Because we were a bit delayed in selecting the coach, the rest of the
selection timeline has also been delayed. The Selection Committee is
just beginning its review of applications...and has determined that it
will not be feasible to conduct a tryout camp due...therefore the team
will be selected based on information contained in the applications

The World Flying Disc Federation has set a deadline of February 1 for
the six participating countries to report their players. Therefore, you
can expect to hear more regarding the selections by the end of January.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact.

Our best to you for a terrific holiday season.

Sandie Hammerly
Executive Director
Ultimate Players Association

Heidi Pomfret
Member 2001 US World Games Team and
Chair, World Games 2005 - Team USA

I now have 0% chance of making the team. With tryouts, I would have had a chance. With the insane workouts I've been doing, I would have had a chance. The chance would have been small, but it would have been non-zero.

Without the tryouts, I have no chance because I am completely unknown to the selectors. For any reason I can think of that would make me more desirable than any of the other female players, I can think of an equally valid reason that negates the first reason, or another player who, based on name-recognition, reputation and connections, would fill the role better than I.

I want to say I've been realistic with this. I want to say I never expected anything but 0%. I want to say I didn't get my hopes up, that I didn't feverishly wish I'd get a chance at the team, that I'd be able to give it my all at those tryouts and know that I wasn't selected because another player outplayed me, not because I play for an unknown mixed team in the hardest section and region in the country.

But I can't say that. I did get my hopes up. And I cried when I read that email.