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Curse you, Mike!

Conversation with Mike, about two weeks ago:

Mike: So, did you read that book I gave you?

Me: No, not yet.

Mike: Come on, it's been 6 months.

Me: I know. I haven't had time.

Mike: Find time.

Me: Yeah, yeah.

Mike: Okay, next trip you go on, take just that book. Don't take any magazines, just that book.

Me: What? I can't do that. I might get bored.

Mike: You won't get bored. Just that book.

Me: Okay, fine. I'll take just that book.

So, I went to Los Angeles today. Specifically, I went to Pasadena to attend the monthly Housing Association meeting. My condo has been flooded, and my property manager was getting nowhere with the Condo Complex property management company. I was hoping I could break the impasse and get things going on the roof repairs.

I took along the book, The Reality Dysfunction, that Mike suggested over a year ago that I read (that I bought six months ago and hadn't read yet). When I sat down on the plane, I pulled out the book and started reading.

And stopped only to take care of business, reading every moment I could. Waiting for Cynthia, read the book. Waiting in the car for the lunatic to return, read the book. Waiting at the stoplight, out came the book. Suzannne went to the bathroom, out came the book.

Curse you, Mike! It's a good book! I'm hooked!