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G and Pat stories

Last Wednesday, when working out at ASA, G came up to say hello and visit with me. Kris and I haven't seen him in forever (also known as two months), so it was great to see him. He's been working overtime at Cabrillo, and had to cut back on time at ASA. Sucks big time for us. But things have been going well for him. He has a potential job offer as a head coach, one where he can actually play, too. How cool is that?

I asked him about Pat Frost, too. Pat was one of the other trainers at ASA. He was working at ASA while he was training for spring training. Pat had a walk-on tryout with Kansas City as a pitcher.

Well, it turns out he pitched really well, and landed a contract. He goes out in spring training to pitch his first game ("all excited like," says Kris). Throws a pitch, and *ow* he tweaked his shoulder. The doctors looked at his shoulder and, yep, sure enough, tore his rotator cuff.


The good thing is that he had a contract, so his medical expenses are covered. The bad thing, it's his rotator cuff. So, Pat's back in the Bay Area.