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Quick! Quick! Write it down!

While driving home from the colo today, I started pondering the role of religion in the world today. More specifically, what would be the fundamental purpose of religion, figuring that would lead me to the reason for its existence in the first place.

I've been pondering religion a lot lately. One might wonder if it's the beginnings of a mid-life crisis starting up. Sure, it might be one of sorts, but it would have to be a quarter-life crisis, as I'm planning on dying on my 120th birthday and not a day before. So, this mid-life thing? Not there yet.

After a while of this religious thinking, I realized I wasn't actually pondering the whole topic so much as composing an essay. I had my thesis in the first few sentences, my supporting ideas next, then my conclusion. Or rather, tell 'em what you're goin' tell 'em, tell 'em, then tell 'em what you told 'em.

All in one neat package.

Quick, quick! Write it down! Write it down! Write it down before you forget it!

Because brilliant ideas come along only once, and you usually don't remember them when you wake up, right?

Out comes one of my yellow index cards, and I start scribbling everything I can remember from my brilliant essay on the Purpose of Religion, from its Origins to Today.

Only I can't remember much.

Once I started writing my notes down, I drew a blank. All the great supporting argument I had so brilliantly crafted not moments ago were gone in the time it took me to think, "Write it down!" and grab a pen.


"Think!" I think. "Think!" but nothing comes out. It's always been that way. Whenever I try to ponder something intensely, poof! away it goes. But if I just open my mouth and start spewing, "brilliant" things come out. I put "brilliant" in quotes, because sometimes I don't know who I'm fooling the most: me or everyone else.

The best course of action now seems to give up, and write about how I can't write about what I want to write about.