Going for gold, continued

Here's the part not publically available:

When I applied for the team, I made it very clear that I would be thrilled to be even an alternate on the team. Being an alternate would have meant that I would have to pay significantly more for my trip, as my hotel costs would not have been paid for as they are for the team members, but that would have meant little for the honor.

Apparently some of the other alternates didn't think so. Two weren't planning on going until they hooked up (including the sex part) and one of them made the team because of an injury. Suddenly the other one has to go. At the last minute. Did I mention that the woman of this relationship dumped another player on the team? How distracted was this guy, I wonder.

This Team USA just plain sucks. Their attitude sucks. Their commitment sucks. Their maturity sucks. Part of me is still bitter, but part of me is angry. Angry at the lost opportunity for the sport I love.