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Just like camp!

Or, as Andy says, "Showers are for wimps."

Morning of day two of BarCamp 2005 has begun, after staying up way too late, sleeping on the hard ground (also known as an office floor), greeting daylight way too early, and, well, desperately needing a shower.

Ah, the sponge bath.

After, I think, 4 hours of rough sleep (tap dancing on egg shells here with the disrupted sleep patterns), I joined Andy and Kaliya on journey to Whole Foods, all of 2 blocks away, for Day 2 breakfast. Nothing terribly exciting there, except for Andy's glorious rendition of (I had to ask) Kiss Me Kate's Brush up your Shakespeare.

Few people get that glorious wake up call.

So, at 11:30, the conference is well under way, with Riana leading the session on Industry Darlings.

Geez, let me be able to stay awake until tonight.

I might need to take notes to keep the eyes open.