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The Smith Factor

What is it with Smith boys? I'd really like to know. Because as far as I can tell, Smith boys are all blessed with dynamic personalities (and a hint of insanity, which we'll call the Smith Factor).

Andy Smith falls smack dab in the middle of my Smith men data points (which currently consist of Mark, Kyle, and Kevin). I'm not sure if the Smith insanity extends to the Smith women, so Heidi is currently safe. Maybe the Smith Factor follows the men's side of the family, as the stupidity gene follows the men's side of the (admittedly fictional) Simpsons.

Certain people in this world have a dynamic personality that a simply attracts people to them (like moths to bright lights, if a cliche is needed). Bharat has one; so does Ariel (geez, does Ariel have one). Kim Wasson's 12 year old daughter, Ceili, is the only female I've met that has one. Mark Smith has one, too.

And so does Andy.

I'm not sure if the dynamic personality is necessarily based on the ability to lead, though that I'm sure it is factor. Being inspiring is definitely a factor. A positive outlook on life (the world is a good place, the glass is half full) is another factor. I'm struggling to define exactly what it is, I've never been able to explain it well.

In the end, it's just damn attractive.

Mike tells me I'm not supposed to admit that. Kris might agree.

As a woman working in technology, apparently admitting attraction is bad, bad, bad. Maybe as a woman, I'm not supposed to admit that at all, I don't know. Given Andy says any edits I make show up in the various RSS readers (Who reads this site anyway? You're all crazy! This is for me, dammit!), once I post that, it's out there.