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Two notes and a workout

Note to self: two Clif shots, each of 100 calories each, do not replace a full lunch on track workout days.

Second note to self: one should clue in that if said one tries to put her sports bra on backwards, perhaps a nap would be better than a track workout.

With that said, what was I thinking? "I'm happy my fitness is coming back." Must have been the Snack of Champions™.

Today's track workout kicked my ass. It consisted of:

ladders The usual 12 different ladders
5-10-5 Working mostly on form, start at a center cone, sprint 5 yards to the next cone, turn sprint back 10 yards, turn then sprint back 5 yards to the beginning cone
single leg bounding going for maximum distance, 5 with left leg then 5 with right leg
ice skaters x20 (as quick and explosively as you can)
sprints 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 400m, 200m, 100m, 50m (catch your breath after running a sprint, then do the next one, i.e. go at your own pace but run hard when you are running)
sideways shuffle x20
two leg bounding go for maximum distance, 10 jumps
rest 5 minutes 
repeat go back to the single leg bounding and do it all a second time
mile jog 
lunges 10 lunges, 10 lunge jumps, 10 lunges; repeat

I was nothing if not consistent in the 200s. I ran 45-46 second 200s every time. Which is such a blow to the confidence. I could run them in 26 in college. Sigh. My 400 times were 1:46, which also sucks big time. Of course, when I ran the 64 second 400, I had to do it only once.

My hamstring is hurting again, too. I really need to let that thing heal already.