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Ultimate Fighter 2 starts tonight!

Hot fscking damn!

Ultimate Fighter 2 starts tonight! Whoo hoo!

Yes, I have every intention of spending Monday nights with the welters (Joe, Luke, Josh, Sammy (Sammy? WTF?), Melvin (Melvin?), Kenny, Anthony, Marcus and Jorge) and the heavies (Tom, Mike, Rob, Seth, Keith, Brad, Rashand, Kerry and Eli).

All I ask from you boys is this: please, please, please have personalities! Leben rocked because he was crazy and a big baby at the same time. And Diego? He does yoga and still kicks ass. BTW, Koscheck sucks.

Matt Hughes (31, 5'9", the most dominant 170 pounder of all time, current world champion and pound for pound the greatest UFC fighter, evar) and Rich Franklin (30, 6'1", didn't come from any martial arts background and, yet, is the current UFC middleweight world champion (and on the card when Liddell fought Couture at the end of the first season of UF)) are the coaches. This'll be fun.


The first line at the house, "No one pisses on my bed!" Ode to Leben.

Yay Tivo!

Update: No! No! No! There's Right Guard Extreme product placement in the show. Oh, the horror!

Update 2: What the? 5 minutes at a 5 mile per hour pace, followed by 5 minutes each of 6 miles per hour, 7 miles per hour, 8 miles per hour, 9 miles per hour and finally 10 miles per hour. A 30 minute run. Puh-leaze! Even I can make it through the first 20 minutes of that one without breaking a sweat. Those last five minutes? Okay, I'd have issues. But that first five minutes at a 12 minute mile pace better not break you.