"How do you get so open?"

Emily, Kyle's girlfriend/fiance, gave me the best compliment today. As I was walking off the field during the Beer Run game at Labor Day, she asked me, "Kitt, how are you always so wide open?"

I was thinking, "Wow! Am I really always open? Hot damn!"

But her question was sincere, so I responded, "I watch my defender. When she turns away to find the disc, I start cutting."

Usually in the opposite direction, or behind her, but definitely when she's not looking.

But then I realized that wasn't quite all that I do to get open on the field. So, I continued, "Oh, and I'm always running. I'll cut in, then back deep, then back in. Most players are behind me after the second cut."

"Oh, and sharp, sharp, sharp cuts. I don't banana curl my cuts. I stop, plant and go back the other way."

I talked to Kris about it afterward. I think the messages I write to myself on my arm really help my game. My current mantra?

Run hard.


If I'm running hard every time I'm in, I'll be open every time.

Every. Time.