Kris + bad mood = Kitt

On the way home from Labor Day, I was driving along 17, stuck behind some car whose driver decided the best speed to drive was the exact speed the car next to him was driving. The driver was clearly not a 17 regular (not that I am, either, but I do know for the most part how to drive that road), as he kept braking in the turn, instead of before the curve and accelerating through the turn.

Kris heard various mumbles, "Move it!" "Come on! What the heck are you thinking, person?" "What are you doing braking now?" and other obvious frustrated mutterings.

At some point on the drive, the curves favored us, and the car in front of us was two and a half car lengths in front of the car in the lane to our right (on this two lane highway), allowing me to slot between the two cars and (shudder!) pass the speed-matching car in the right lane.

As I did so, Kris piped up, "You should pull in front of them, and brake."

Stunned, I replied, "That sounds like something I would say."

"I'm in a bad mood."

"The part of Kitt will be played by Kris in a bad mood today."

"Yeah, well..."