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3 minutes of ranting

<3 minutes to whine>

Well, it's the day before Nationals is going to start, and I have no access to the Intarweb. I can't believe how frustrating this moment is. My phone died a horrible death, and is in an infinite reboot, and won't connect to the phone network when I contort, pray to the phone gods and offer a sim sacrifice to get it to start. So, no phone web access. No wireless access at the condos. The nearest Starbucks is 10 miles away, and everyone glares at me when I ask if anyone wants to go. I'm jones'n for a connection!


<end whine>

Sharon and Kimber used to have timed whine sessions. If one of them started to complain incessantly, the other would say "three minutes" and start counting down the time. The other would then have exactly three minutes to get as much whining out of the way as she could until her time was up. Then, no more complaining, no more whining.

Kris tried it with me once. I immediately began speaking very quickly, and managed to complain about everything from my left foot to the state of world hunger to the fact I did all the clothes washing even though he did all the folding and couldn't he just do all the laundry even though he cleans the bathrooms, too, and I haven't cleaned a bathroom in six years. Please?

I didn't use up my three minutes - ended up laughing too hard while trying to complain about absolutely everything before my three minutes were up.