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Enough info to destroy my world

Warning: guaranteed ramble that you can safely skip.

No, really.

"You have more gray hair up there than I realized. I never noticed it before."


I've been amazed at the number of people who have commented about reading this site. I don't think I can count you on one hand any longer (Kris, John, Megan, Mike, Paul - and two of you were because I insisted). Warren said today that he's been feeling a little gypped with the posts as of late, they being short and not very informative.

To which I respond, "That's because you haven't been logged in reading the good stuff, Warren."

Since this site is more for me than for you, not everything is publicly viewable. There are chunks of my life I'm happy to share with my friends and family, but I'm really not interested in telling some random person I don't know.

This is probably the fundamental difference between my introvert personality and, say, an confirmed extrovert's personality. I'm completely enjoying the "social web" and participating the various social network sites. Some are completely entertaining, some have become stale, some are tools but still networks, and the world it opens up, meeting lots of new and interesting (fascinating!) people, working on projects I wouldn't have imagined four months ago.

The whole concept of being able to learn the arc of a recently-met person's life is fascinating, if not a little (a lot?) voyeuristic. Google and Yahoo! are certainly a starting point, but you can also walk through various websites, reading someone's life for the last few years, if they've been putting it out there. (Sorry, Andy, you were an easy target and a clear example of how you can learn about a person's last few years quite easily.)

Fundamentally, a large part of me still resists putting information out there. Resists sharing even though I think this stuff is cool.

And part of me fears losing my voice here. Fears I might start worrying about what "they" might think. Might stop writing as if I'm talking to myself, and start talking to you instead.

I know there's enough information on this site for someone to destroy my life. As Andy puts it, "I could destroy your world. I know enough about how you react to situations to ruin your life. Fortunately, I'm not interested in destroying worlds." How lucky for me.

But it's true: there's enough information to find me, enough information to know what my buttons are and plenty enough to know how to push them. There's enough information to make my life a living hell.

But, I guess I have to trust that won't happen. That the people who read this site are my friends, or at least people who know me somewhat or some way. If I've met you before, then, "Hey! Drop me a line if you haven't recently. If I haven't met you, introduce yourself.

I won't bite.

Too hard.

Reading this from Bloglines or blogher? I'm sorry if this makes no sense. You're not my "target audience," so all of this may be completely boring.

Hell, it's boring for me, and I wrote it.

I'd say "I'm sorry," but I don't know you, and have no reason to feel anything (positive or negative) there.