Trail mix

Today at work, I wandered over to the bag of trail mix I had brought in last week. The mix contains almonds, cashews, peanuts, raisins, and plain m & ms. Kris bought it for me for Regionals last week, but it was a Costco purchase and I had a lot left over.

So, I opened the bag, peered in, and started picking out the chocolate and almonds. About three almonds later, Doyle said, "Hey! No picking out the almonds and chocolate. Eat it all."

Did I mention I hate raisins?

I like other dried fruit, dried cranberries being my favorite. But not raisins.

I was reminded of two events when I heard Doyle's voice.

The first was of my grandparents, and a road trip with them and the rest of my family. I have no idea where we went, I'd guess Colorado, but have no idea if that's correct. We were sitting in their hotel room, I was sitting on the bed. The room was of orange/red decor.

I was eating the chocolate out of the trail mix, and my grandmother was upset about it. "Eat the peanuts!" she admonished.

Ugh. Peanuts.

I compromised and would eat a peanut with an m & m. That was about the right proportions.

That memory was similar enough to the experience with Doyle that remembering it would be completely expected. But as I looked at Doyle, and continued to eat the almonds and chocolate out of the trail mix bag, I remembered when I was 24 and went grocery shopping with Roland, my then boyfriend.

We were in the cereal aisle, looking for tomorrow morning's breakfast. Halfway down the aisle, Roland turned to me and asked, "What cereal do you want?"

"Cheerios," I answered, reaching for the biggest box.

"Why do you want Cheerios? How about a sugar cereal?"

I turned to look at him.

"Oh, no, my mother doesn't allow sugar cereal in the house."


blink blink

"And you're how old?"