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Yo. Personal space people

I find the fact that the longer the wait in line, the closer the people in line squish together.

I'm here in line at the airline "customer service center," hoping to change my returning ticket from Tampa from a Monday ticket to Denver to a Sunday ticket to San Jose with Kris and Heidi. My original ticket was three one way tickets, San Jose to Tampa to Denver to San Jose, the last flight being at the end of next week, the middle flight being at the beginning of next week.

When I called to change my flights two weeks ago, I was told the cost was about $200 to change the tickets: $100 for the ticket price differential, and $100 for the change fee. When I explained my two one way tickets were $50 more expensive than the one-way I was trying to get, according to the prices published online on their website, I was told I would need to purchase a full roundtrip ticket, that they would not (note the wording - would not, not could not) change out the two (more expensive) one ways for a new, single one way.

And Kris wonders why I hate flying any other airline than Southwest. Sure, you have to deal with the first come-first seated, cattle car type of boarding, but at least you don't have to pay for a ticket three times over in a completely messed up way.

So, I'm standing here, hoping to be able to change my ticket for just the $100 change fee. As I'm standing here, having been waiting for ten minutes in this line, the people behind me have been slowly creeping up on me. They were originally standing what I would consider a reasonable personal space distance. As the line hasn't moved (I'm first in line, and they haven't started helping me yet), they've started moving closer and closer to me.

Like moving closer to me is going to get the line moving.

Now, instead of having one woman two feet behind me, I have six women all crowded less than four feet behind me.

Good lord, people, step back!