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Gasp! Air!!


Just finished up a project that has sucked up absolutely all of my time for the last three weeks. In those three weeks, I've managed to miss two doctor appointments, leave three parties early, skip out on dinner a dozen times, sit on my butt wiggling my fingers for over 130 hours, miss running for 14 days in a row, lose the chance to drive cross county with my high school boyfriend (and, yes, that would have been an amazing trip), and write a dozen half posts, all without finishing any of them.

Ah, but done.


Except for those six bugs still remaining.

Let's ignore those for the moment, shall we? My butt, back, shoulders, and neck are sore from last night's mega-hack fest attempt to finish this up with Mike and a new e-contact Harshal. I say "last night" but it really was "this morning." Before yesterday, I couldn't say I had ever worked an 18 hour day before. But,, well, I can say that now. As of 6:30 this morning, I have.

First thing I'm going to do now that I'm alive and back?


Then give the stinky dog a bath. Then wander outside and rip up the garden I haven't touched since August, and plant a winter garden. Yeah, that will be nice.

Oh, and snuggle Kris.

That'll be nicer.