The walk from my house to the Bergeron-Gull house involves dodging bullets, dancing around dangerous brush, skipping over potholes the size of the Grand Canyon and jumping over dead rodents. On my over this morning, the bullets were in rare form: the form of stinky, smelly, icky ginko bilbo seeds.

Kris and I used to have a female ginko tree in our front yard. We had quite the surprise the first fall when we unknowningly walked over a few of the seeds and they crunched under our feet. When they broke, peeeeeeeeee-yewwwwwwwwww! Didn't take long before we nicknamed the seeds little shit-balls.

Ginko might be great for the memory, but it's awful for the nose. We accidently tracked the stench into the house, and, oh my lord, did our house smell like crap for a long, long time.

My bullet dodging on the way to Kate and Mike's house involved dragging a rollerbag through the ginko seeds littering the sidewalk in front of one of their neighbor's houses. We suspect they don't realize the city will replace the trees if they end up being female ginkos instead of male ginkos. I thought my dodging in the early morning to be successful, but, well, my sense of smell is a bit off, so I'm never quite sure.

Fast forward six hours, when I'm in Kyle's office, talking to him about his web application and work I've been doing for him. He didn't have a seat in his office, having just moved into the office space less than two weeks before, so I plunked my butt down on the stepstool in his office and started talking to him.

After about 10 minutes, I noticed Kyle looking up at me sideways. I kept talking until I noticed an unpleasant smell. Now, for me to notice the smell, lord, it has to be an overwhelming smell.

And it was.

Turns out, I wasn't as good with the shit-ball dodging, and caught one in the grooves of my shoes. When I sat on the stepstool, I squished the seed on the step, and crushed it. By the time I noticed it, I had smeared the seed in the grooves of the stepstool and into the office rug.

In Kyle's office.

No amounts of apologizing and cleaning up was going to get that smell out any time soon. Poor Kyle. His office smells like crap now.