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Up in the City today

I'm up in the City today. I wanted to take the train (and use!), but, as my plans go until 7:30 and Kris freaked at the thought of my walking from 2nd and Howard to 4th and King, I drove.

I found myself moving very slowly this morning while I was trying to leave. Aside from the fact I was up until after midnight also with the trying, this time with finishing up a client project, I certainly realized (hard not to realize) that part of my moving slowly was from the fact I'm not prepared for this client meeting. I didn't finish the work that I really needed to do, and worse, while making the changes I was making, I realized my approach was wrong, and so I needed to scrap what I had done.

Fortunately, the client won't be billed for the time I spent on the wrong solution, but the project is still behind. Argh.

Given the disaster of the drive up, I really really should have taken the train. One accident, the wrong freeway, and the realization I had no money for parking all added up to my being late for the work day. Training up would have meant that I could worked all the way up, which would have been nice.

And, seriously, the walk from 4th and King to 2nd and Howard?

It's not that long.

Just don't walk it with Messina. He'll tell you, "It's just up here, a short walk." Yes, it's a short walk, but, no, it'll be longer than you expect it to be until you've walked it three times.

Which I have, now, done.