All I want for Christmas...


When I was four, I knocked out my two front teeth by tripping on a braided rug with a whistle in my mouth. It's a lovely story, one I tell often. My two front teeth (okay, it was one front tooth, and one next to it, not exactly the two front ones) didn't grow in until I was eight. Four years of school pictures with me sans front teeth.

I think my next vacation with Mom will be spent scanning in childhood photos of me. That'll be good for some laughs.

Because I had no front teeth, my dad was fond of answering the question of "What do you want for Christmas?" with "My two front teeth." That was the only answer he ever gave me for that question.

Although I have my Christmas list, what I'm really excited about is the week off next week to catch up on work stuff, complete some current projects and, if I'm quick enough, start some new projects.

And on that list are (well, those that I can recall anyway):

  • Move this site to my new server
  • Upgrade this site and add tagging
  • finish and launch
  • *use*
  • drupal module generator
  • drupal theme generator
  • drupal easy-install module
  • league-in-a-box
  • mirror module
  • cross-post module
  • word-a-day module
  • what-I'm-reading module
  • tada-list module (all AJAXified and pretty)
  • Copy all the Letters to my Children posts to their new location, which includes a new theme
  • and my first desktop application in years, a file tagger using the desktop to view and tag (and auto-detect) files (doesn't need to be images, can be anything), and auto-upload them to a file-hosting website
  • reduce the stacks of books to read from two to one stack
  • clean up the study
  • scan all the stuff from the box in the living room
  • DDD website and mailing list
  • clean out the garage
  • recycle much of the cardboard in the garage
  • order a new chipper/shredder
  • sleep

I know there are a hundred more projects. I think that last one is the one I'll most likely complete.