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Great. Now what?


So, Kris comes home tonight, and sitting on the front step is a box.

It's a big box.

He thinks, "Good lord, woman, what have you ordered this time?"

I arrive home ten minutes later. I walk in the door. Only, I can't actually get in the door, because there's a huge box in the way.

So, I ask, "What's this?"

And Kris looks at me like, "What do you mean, 'What's this?' Did you order this?"

"What? What? I didn't order this! I'm done spending money."

"Uh huh."

"For the year."

So, I scramble over the box and into the house, and look at the box. I tear into it, pulling all the pieces out, scattering them across the living room floor. Then, in true boy fashion, I assemble it without looking at the instructions:

If only I knew who sent it to me. I'd write them a thank you note. Fly out and give them a hug, too.