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I hate domain squatters


For reasons I'm unable to comprehend at the moment, I happen to surf for good domain names when I'm idle and have a connection. At one point, Jamie commented that my domain (which I haven't done anything with yet) is one of the shortest personal domains he knows of. I commented that I have, which is my shortest domain name, but, well, this site is really the only site I'm particularly good at updating regularly. I also own, for Kris, but he does nothing with that one (nor with, which is also his).

Yet, even with a slew of unused domains, I still surf, looking at various domains. Today, I tried to find another short one, one that I could use with my name., the most obvious one, was taken. So was for Kris. Both had squatter pages on them "This domain name is for sale!".

Okay, so I kept looking. Taken. Taken. Taken. Taken. Taken. Taken. Taken.

My first thought was "Good lord!" followed by a mental note to put "coming soon!" notices on all the extra domains I have that aren't being used.

I guess Kris and I will stick to our k? domains as our short, short, shortest domains.