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JKR is a beyotch


Okay, despite claiming I was going to disappear and read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last July, I hadn't done it. As work kept creeping up, I kept pushing off reading it, and pushing off reading it, avoiding all talk of the book with a loud, "LA LA LA LA LA!", covering my ears, and fleeing the room.

Late last week, I dumped the CDs for the book (unabridged, read by Jim Dale, highly recommended) into my car, and popped one in as needed when driving up to the City and back, as well as commuting to work.

Yesterday, it became apparent that I needed to finish the book, and finish it now. Although I'm hoping that completing the book, as I have just done, will open the flood gates for more reading (in particular the stack of books Mike has given me to read), I have this in particular to say about HP6:

J.K. Rowling is a complete beyotch.

WTF? What the heck was she thinking? She killed him off! I freakin', stupid, I cannot believe this, CRIED!

Sirius, fine, blah, blah, blah, the only people who cried on his death were Harry and JK. Wasn't enough, was it? NoooooOOOOoooo. Had to make the rest of us cry, too, was it? Well, it worked. And now I'm mad. Just plain mad.

And Kris is laughing at me now. Stupid book. Made me cry.