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Kit? Kitt? What's the difference?


I'm amazed at the number of people who consistently spell my first name incorrectly. I can understand people spelling it incorrectly if they don't know me, but some of the people who spell it wrong have known me for a few years now.

The ones that really crack me up are the ones that use my email address, seeing there are two t's in my name


One. Two.

My last name doesn't begin with T, so there's no reason to think that my email address is my first name and the first letter of my last name.

And, as I don't work for Hodsden Enterprises, Inc., the Hodsden Foundation, or Hodsden Networks, I think there's little reason to mix up the domain name with that of my employer, CodingClan, LLC, the web development company specializing in PHP/MySQL web applications and (now, here's a shock) community websites using Drupal as a platform.

Two t's.





Think the David Hasselhoff show, Knight Rider, and the car: Knight Industries Two Thousand.

Oooo, now there's a thought.

Maybe not.