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The right to go to the airport


"You can't deny people the right to go to the airport."


That's a quote from some LAX/LA official arguing that two gates cannot be closed at LAX. The argument is about fixing LAX, which hasn't been updated in the last ten years (boy, did I get out just in time!). Some people think it should be fixed, and many of its problems should be addressed: the noise, the horrendous environmental impact, the delays and congestion. Other people, like said official, think fixing the problems can't be done: heaven forbid people should be inconvenienced when a problem is being fixed.

What is it with people and their inability to "look forward to the long term" as another person commented on the other side of this argument? Closing two gates. Two. Gates. WTF?

Of course, the only reason I even noticed this story was because I can't find KQED in the radio cast on iTunes. So, instead of listening to San Francisco's public radio, I'm listening to Los Angeles' public radio.

It's terribly strange to hear about the old freeways I used to drive. "The worst place to be this hour is heading north on the 605. Congestion near the 10 has traffic backed up to the 405."