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I crack myself up


Every since I had spent who-knows-how-long fighting with my original theme, I've been tempted to adjust my current theme regularly. I didn't until last month, and now I'm almost tempted to change them to match the upcoming holiday.

This one, for example, is so girly that I almost want to puke. Totally cracks me up! Ah, laughing about one's own website. The best!

Yay, CSS!

I'll probably leave this theme up until Valentine's Day, or until I actually do wretch from all the pink.

Pink! Mom tells me how, when I was a small person, I cried when she painted my room pink. I didn't want pink! Pink! PINK! PINK! The story cracks me up, because the first bedroom color I can be sure of is the white top, dark blue bottom colors of my room with the fan and the east facing window on Washington Street. Oooo! And the striped carpeting. And the Raggety Ann and Raggety Andy curtains!

I also slept in the front room at one point, but I can't tell you if the walls were green or grey or white or what.

Maybe if Mom logs in, she can tell me what colors those rooms were.