Meta me!



So, my Flickr photos are licensed under a Creative Commons license, though if you look at my photos I don't explicitly say so. The license means that so long as you don't change the picture, don't make any money off the picture, and keep my name attached to the photo, you can use it.

No, it's not the loosest license, but the one I'm most comfortable with at this point. Who knows what'll happen in 10 years. Once you release content into the wild, you can't take it back, or put it back in a bottle (or change a google verb into a copy-righted non-verb).

Imagine my pleasant surprise at the discovery that my photo of my index card lists is being used to display how handy index cards are in visual thinking tools.

The page is part of a series of pages, or modules, describing the tools, tips and techniques of using pictures to solve problems.

Because, you know, I'm unable to think without using my hands, so clearly I'd be unable to remember without notecards. Also known as "my brain."