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Another Matt sighting!


In a remarkably mad dash to the airport, I managed to forget a whole bunch of things I normally bring along with me on trips. Probably not a bad thing, as I'm not heading to a third world country or anything similarly potentially tragic if I really needed what I forgot. Just another conference/workshop thingy in less than two weeks.

Mike and I took Caltrain to BART to SFO to fly out to Vancouver. We're here for the Open Source Content Management Systems Summit, which used to be a mini-Drupal conference, but merged and opened up to other OS CMSes.

That "opened up" part was a large reason why, yet again, I saw Matt in a random place (or rather, a not so random place like the Vancouver airport. Mike was getting money at an airport ATM when Matt walked up and said hello. We shared a taxi to our hotels, which were three blocks or so apart, so it worked out well. I think it was the most I've ever talked to Matt, and good to introduce Mike to him. Matt told us how he first experienced snow quite recently, which was totally awesome, though he did say he didn't go skiing in it.

So, conference starts tomorrow. Should be fun.