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I give.


I give.

I'm changing my name from Kitt to Kit. Everyone who doesn't know me assumes I'm a guy, so let's just go with it. I am now my brother. By assuming his name, I can adopt Kit as a shortened version of his name, I can keep my name verbally the same, only changing my gender virtually.

I'll have to change my about page to read something like, "Hi, my name is Chris Hodsden. My friends call me Kit (think Kit Carson). This is my website."

Like anyone will notice the difference anyway.

Oh, hey, Mom, you have three boys now. Well, two with the same name. Like having four {Ch|K}ris's around won't be confusing or anything.

I guess this means I should really lose the pink now.



Kitt is definately NOT a dude.

How's it going, Kitt?