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Mom's out


Mom arrived last night late. Kris and I had just enough time for me to arrive home from Vancouver, dash home and clean up, then rush to the other airport and pick up Mom. She had to wait only a few minutes (okay, five) for me to show up.

Today was a ridiculously casual day. Given the stress of yesterday (including the issues with the difficult client), hanging out with Mom was a great relief. Kris had called mid-morning, asking if I could bring his forgotten ultimate gear to Greer at lunch, so Mom and I dashed up to Palo Alto to help Kris out. We then continued up to downtown to Title IX, Waterworks and Bay Leaf, a vegetarian (vegan?) restaurant that Messina introduced me to.

We dashed back home and tackled my to-do list. That to-do list that has been growing beyond my ability to keep up. Mom managed to get a few items done, for which I'm grateful, but just having her here was the best part.

Mom is in town for the gallery opening of Karen's Retrospective showing. It's a bittersweet event, as it's the biggest of any of Karen's gallery showings, but it's a retrospective, a view back on her life, now that she's dead (why is that so hard to write? I wanted to write, "now that's she's passed on" or "left us", but all that does is gloss over the fundamental fact that she's dead, she's not making any more artwork, she's not going to meet up with Kris and I for lunch, she's not going to play with her dog, or redo her house, or any of that, she's dead).

We'll head over tomorrow around noon. Kris has been very supportive of this. Even BJ and Chris will be in town. It'll be good to see them tomorrow.

The most humourous part of the day was when Mom said something personal, then turned to me and asked, "You're not going to blog that, are you?"

No, Mom, I won't write about your sex life. If I can't write about mine, it seems quite unfair to write about yours on the Intarweb.