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Curtain phooey


I ordered curtains for the livingroom this past February. I had narrowed down the fabric choices and asked Kris to make the final choice. He chose a fantastic green and beige striped pattern with highlights. I ordered the curtains and stuck the swatch up on the backdoor, receiving the curtains two weeks later.

This weekend is the last weekend for a long while that we'll have to work on house things. As a result, putting up the curtains bumped to the top of the list. I pulled the curtains out of the bag this morning, only to discover they were missing the inner lining I had ordered with them.


So, I tracked down my order confirmation email, sent it to customer service, and started to put up the curtain rods with Kris. We used the curtains as a height gauge, and started with the middle brace.

Kris had just finished putting up the bracket when I read the curtain dimensions on one of the curtain paper bands: 45.5" x 82". I had ordered 40" x 84". We had just mounted the bracket 2" too low.

I called the curtain manufacturer, and talked about the issue. They need to confirm with the "factory order specialist" before confirming the curtain replacement (apparently the system didn't list the liner I had ordered, including the inner liner). So, another three weeks before we can hang the curtains.