Mide yo ode bidness!


So, Mike's been getting a number of odd calls to his home number. The message was always something like, "This is mumble, calling from mumble-mumble. It's really important you call me back right away. My number is 702-something-something-something-you-get-the-point."

After receiving three of these calls in the last two days, he called the number. Sure, the first one is a missed call. But three of them? Something was up. He called from work, with Doyle and I sitting in the office, not really listening at first.

"I'd like to know why you keep calling me."

"What's the nature of your business? Why do you keep leaving messages on my voicemail?"

"What do you do? Where are you located? Why do you keep calling my house?"

"I'm not going to tell you that information. You are the one calling me, remember?"

"Look, yes, I know where you're calling from. You're calling from [the 702 number]. Is this a sales call? pause Look, I receive a lot of sales calls, and I'm not interested in receiving them. If you're calling about..."

He was cut off by a very loud, "Mide yo oh-OHN bidness!"

Momentary shocked, Mike looked up at me. Then at Doyle.

We started laughing. Mike recovered quickly.

"Let me speak to your manager. No. Your manager. Right. Now."

I don't know how Mike does it. I'd be cursing up a storm at that idiot woman about 10 seconds into the converation. "What the ****? Look you, *****! You're the one ****ing calling me! Cut this **** out or I'm ****ing calling the police on you for harassment."

Instead, he calmly found out from the manager that the company is a collections agency with the wrong phone number. If they had bothered to do a reverse lookup on Mike's number, they would see Mike has had the same number for the last 8 years, an no, the name on that number was not Jesse Beach.

Yeah, Mike's approach.

Way better.

Stupid woman.